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Patch Leads


Patch Leads are usually made from tight-buffered jacketed fibre cable, which incorporates an aramid yarn. The aramid yarn is then tethered to the connectors at each end to provide additional strength, whilst maintaining flexibility within the patch lead.

The patch lead assemblies are generally used to connect from the outside of a patch panel via inline adaptors to the equipment to provide a simple and cost effective way of termination that can be reused time and again.

Patch Leads consist of various fibre but only three main types of fibre is predominately used:

  • Multimode
  • 50/125
  • OM2 and OM3
  • Multimode
  • 62.5/125
  • OM1
  • Single mode
  • 9/125
  • OS1

To ensure that we deal with your requirement in a timely manner please be prepared to supply the following information:

  • Type of fibre required
  • Simplex or Duplex
  • Single Mode or Multimode
  • Type of connectors required at each end
  • Length of fibre
  • Colour of fibre

Mode Conditioning patch leads change the character of the signal from single mode to multi-mode. This allows modern, single mode transmitters and receivers to operate effectively over multi-mode backbone fibre systems. It is an effective way of using single mode equipment without having to replace existing, multi-mode fibre backbone.

Ruggedised Fibre patch leads use duplex patchcord with an extra outer jacket to give the fibre more strength and resilience in a harsh environment.

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