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Crimp Ratchet Tool - RG

Series of tools that offer a wide selection of interchangeable dies, a high quality steel frame with a full cycle ratchet mechanism


Crimp Ratchet Tool - RJ45

RJ45 Crimp tool is a hardwearing long lasting tool. Dye sets are available to buy separately.


Type 43 Crimp Inner Tool

An 8 indent crimp tool for terminating the centre contacts of crimped Type 43 connectors on 2001, 2002 & 3002 cable types.


BT Coaxial Stripper

BT Coaxial Stripper for cables including BT3002, BT2003, RA7000 etc.

8A Cable Stripper - designed for level 3 stripping of BT2001, BT2002 and BT2003 cables.


Rotary Cable Stripper

This 3-level cable stripper is the latest in design and coaxial cable stripping technology. This tool strips most coaxial cable between 4.50 and 7.00 mm without or just small adjustment to the individual fitted blades. The stripping length is factory set at 8.00mm for the braid and 4.00mm for the dielectric, but can be adjusted to 6.00mm for the braid if required.



Cable Management


Cage Nuts & Bolts


Cable Ties

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