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As an alternative to on-site splicing, Cablevine continue to supply pre-terminated multi-core fibre leads. These custom made cables are manufactured to suit every customer's individual requirements.

Providing Pre-Terminated fibre in this manner can speed up and simplify installations. Each assembly comes pre-tested with a test certificate further reducing the workload when on-site. The overall popularity of this bespoke assembly work has seen a significant increase in our production runs to cope with demand.

The pre-terms can be made from all types of fibre cable, with multiple numbers of cores and different connectors to suit the application. Each pre-terminated fibre assembly comes complete with a pulling eye and protective sock. It is suitable for up to 12 fibres with any standard connector. The connectors are staggered to allow easy assembly and dis-assembly of the sleeve to prevent the connectors becoming snagged during the installation. Once the cable assembly has been pulled into position the pulling eye and sock can easily be removed to allow the connectors to be coupled up to the equipment ensuring the system is up and operational without problems.

To ensure that we deal with your requirement in a timely manner please be prepared to supply the following information:

The type of cable required (example):

  • Internal/External
  • Tight-Buffered or Loose-Tube
  • The number of cores
  • Length
  • The type of connectors on each end
  • Wound on a drum etc.
Special Terminations

Special Terminations

Special Products also include military, tactical jacketed fibre for use in military and broadcast applications. These can be supplied in various formats depending on requirements.

Example of 50 metre, 12-core MPO pre-terminated fibre

MPO Multi-core pre-term

We can now provide multi-core fibres terminated with MPO connectors. These allow quick and easy deployment in comms rooms and internal cable runs.

Patch Panel

Patch Panel

The MPO connector is a simple, positive push-fit onto the mating connector via an adapter in a patch panel.

To request a quotation to suit your application just call 01460 238880 or email [email protected] and our dedicated staff will be delighted to help.

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