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JOSCAR Certificate (Cablevine Solutions Limited)

Cablevine Solutions Ltd are pleased to announce that we are officially accredited by JOSCAR, an accreditation system for the aerospace, defence and security sectors.

What is JOSCAR?

JOSCAR stands for the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register. It is a collaboration solution which reduces the time, cost, resources and duplication needed to provide information to major customers. It collects, validates and maintains supplier information used by buyers to help with procurement compliance, making it a trusted source of information to help make business decisions easier.

JOSCAR is also a risk management tool that assesses risks relating to products and services being provided and across areas of compliance. Areas covered include:

  • Business continuity
  • Counterfeit products/materials
  • Insurance and third-party certification
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental and sustainability
  • IT security
  • Modern slavery
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Product safety and quality
  • Supply chain
  • Brexit readiness

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